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AlphaBrook’s BD Intelligence helps Clients Capture Q4 Government Spending

How can AlphaBrook position us to close business during Q4 (July – Sept) of the 2013 Fiscal Year? This is by far the most popular question we receive from prospective customers during this time of year. The answer to this question is surprisingly obvious. However, actually delivering on the answer is unsurprisingly difficult.

So what is the answer to closing end of year deals? 

ANSWER: You MUST identify and prioritize requirements that are coming up for competition (re-competes) and meet with the Program Managers that will influence those awards.

So why is it difficult to identify / prioritize requirements and meet with buyers and PM’s ?

ANSWER: The blessing and curse of government contracting is that they publicize many of their opportunities. It becomes overwhelming and extremely difficult to focus or at least feel confident that you are focusing on the right opportunities. Each opportunity has a specific evaluation criteria and buyers behind the curtain with unique desires that only a handful of individuals may be aware of. Most companies end up bidding deals with limited information: minimal understanding of the level of effort, no relationship with the buyer, and a haphazard solution or approach. You’re just hoping that something you bid will close to show a tangible result (a contract) for all the B&P dollars you spent.

You can learn more about the AlphaBrook BDI solution here. 

Remember, the government spends 60% of their budget between July and September. If you are looking to finish the year strong and need winning BD Intelligence,  just give us a call at 703-988-4631.

About the Author
Matt Hastings is the Founder and CEO of AlphaBrook. He is recognized as a Business Development and Marketing Expert and has led successful capture efforts resulting in hundreds of millions in closed business for clients. His experience leading up to AlphaBrook includes time at IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton, Kadix Systems, and Octo Consulting. In every role, Matt was successful in developing business and increasing enterprise valuation.

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