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Experiencing the AlphaBrook Voice-of-Government Solution

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Whether you are familiar with AlphaBrook’s BDI solution or just being introduced, you likely have heard us reference our trademarked phrase “Voice-of-Government”. If you have not yet experienced our BDI solution, though, are you curious what we mean by “Voice-of-Government” (VoG) BD intelligence? You may be wondering how we incorporate direct verbal feedback from government program decision-makers into our detailed analysis of upcoming contract and vehicle opportunities.

This is why we recently introduced AlphaBrook Public Reports. For the executive who is exploring our BDI subscription and wants a tangible example of our product; these reports were developed with you in mind.

AlphaBrook Public Reports Page
Please note: These reports are developed separate and outside of our private client subscriptions.

In the few months that our public reports have been made available, hundreds of people have already purchased and benefited from this offering. With research on OASIS vehicles, other GWACs (such as Alliant 2 and 8(a) STARS III), agency-specific vehicles (like NOAA NMITS and USPTO SDI-NG2), and emerging technology and contracting innovations, we have a variety of reports available to experience AlphaBrook.

Our VoG BD intelligence is unmatched and we are excited by the prospect of thousands more experiencing the power firsthand through AlphaBrook Public Reports.

If you would like to explore our AlphaBrook Public Reports, please visit our page by clicking here.

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